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Kickstart Coding open sources it's cheatsheets

January 19, 2019

7 Brand New Cheatsheets

We are open sourcing our curriculum's (extremely useful) cheatsheets, so everyone -- not just students -- can learn Python, React.js and others from them.

A selection of printable, one-page cheatsheets.

These were originally designed for Kickstart Coding, the affordable, inclusive, and intensive coding course teaching cutting-edge Python / Django and JavaScript / React web development in Oakland, CA.If you are interested in contributing, check out the GitHub repo here.


Click on one of the following to download. These are all 1 page long, and look great when printed. Consider printing to hang up near your computer as you code or learn a new programming language!

Modern HTML/CSS (2019)

A cheat-sheet containing just the most commonly used stuff in modern HTML & CSS, including CSS Grid and pseudo-selectors.

modern-html-css PDF thumbnail

CLI: Bash & Git

Learning CLI and Git usage on macOS or Linux? This cheatsheet has the most commonly used commands in Bash and Git. It also contains more advanced usage, such as using grep, find, piping, redirection, job and process control, and interacting with the bash history.

cli-bash PDF thumbnail


A cheatsheet with common tasks in Python. Designed for Python 3.x, but will mostly work with 2, also.

python PDF thumbnail

Javascript for Pythonistas

Already know Python, and want to learn JavaScript (ES6+)? Print up the following cheatsheet to use as a reference.

javascript-for-pythonistas PDF thumbnail

Python for JS Developers

Already know JavaScript, and want to learn Python 3? Print up the following cheatsheet to use as a reference.

python-for-js-developers PDF thumbnail

React, Redux, and React Router

Learning React, Redux, and React Router can be tricky. This crams in important syntax and examples for common React and Redux coding patterns. Includes a Redux diagram, JSX syntax snippets, map and ternary operator examples, conditional rendering, action creator and reducer examples, React form events, and component syntax examples.

react-redux PDF thumbnail


Learning Django? Here are some common patterns of Django, along with a diagram showing how the Models-View-Template system fits together.

django PDF thumbnail


More cheatsheets, corresponding to weekly Kickstart Coding curriculum.

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