Affordable Pricing



Total cost for 16 weeks (both courses)

Enroll in both classes before May 18th, and secure your spot for a large discount.

Monthly credit-card based payment plan also available.

$2,500 Kickstart Backend (Python) 8 weeks
$2,500 Kickstart Frontend (React) 8 weeks

Courses may be taken individually. If both are taken to learn the full stack (both Backend and Frontend), save up to 50% off the second course.

Your Coding Journey

A peek at what your full-stack coding journey will look like...


Application process

The application process is fast. You'll know within 1-2 weeks if you got in, so apply today!

June 3rd, 2019

Kickstart Backend

The first course is Kickstart Backend, where you learn fundamentals of programming with Python. Through portfolio-building projects you'll learn backend dev, HTML/CSS, and collaboration with git and bash.

August 5th, 2019

Kickstart Frontend

You have two months of coding knowledge under your belt, and two more months to go. Now you start Kickstart Frontend: Learn modern ES6 and React JS, and fine-tune your presence on the job market.

September 27th, 2019


Congratulations! You accomplished something amazing! But the story doesn't end here. We are available to help for the months after, as you take your first steps in the new direction your career takes you.

Note: Exact dates might be altered to accommodate holidays or other cohort scheduling conflicts.