React and Python still dominant (Hacker News Hiring Trends)

July 01, 2018

Ryan Williams analyzes popular languages with his Hacker News Hiring Trends. His findings confirm what we also found to be true: Python and React are the most popular languages to hire for.

The Graph

React cruised to its tenth win in a row in March, continuing to show its dominance in the tech hiring marketplace. Python maintained its normal spot at #2 as well. React and Python both maintained more than a 20% share of postings, opening up a large gap between these 2 and the rest of the field. Also interesting is to see the movement after those two, as JavaScript fell back significantly from third to fourth and nearly further. - Ryan Williams

Python and React still dominate in hiring trends.

Read his original article for more information, including an interactive graph!

Why Python?

Because it's the language to learn for 2019. Python has been generating a lot of buzz as being the fastest growing language, and, by some metrics, the most popular and desirable language overall. With its elegant syntax and powerful capabilities, being equally useful for web development and data science, it's easy to see why it's getting so popular.

Python is a solid start

We also chose Python because we consider it to be the best languages for learning fundamental coding concepts. Drawing on our academic and professional experience with dozens of different languages and frameworks, we settled on Python to design a curriculum that will build a solid foundation with core concepts that are the most easily transferable, and React as the next most important technology to learn after Python.

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