Python is rated TIOBE's programming language of the year

January 01, 2019

Tiobe Python January 19

The TIOBE Programming Community index writes: "For almost 20 years, C, C++ and Java are consistently in the top 3, far ahead of the rest of the pack. Python is joining these 3 languages now. It is the most frequently taught first language at universities nowadays, it is number one in the statistical domain, number one in AI programming, number one in scripting and number one in writing system tests. Besides this, Python is also leading in web programming and scientific computing (just to name some other domains). In summary, Python is everywhere."

At Kickstart Coding, we teach Python first. Python is truly the language to learn for 2019. With it's elegant syntax and powerful capabilities, and being equally useful for science and web development, it's easy to see why it's getting so popular. Our lead instructor at Kickstart Coding has been an unabashed advocate of Python for 15 years, and of course is thrilled to see it's popularity of a universally useful, powerful, and employable language.

We also chose Python because we consider it to be the best language for learning fundamental coding concepts. It's clean, simple syntax lends itself extremely well to learning coding  concepts. It's employment of Object Oriented Programming concepts is transferable to other languages like Java, C++, C#, and more. It's careful design process ensures logical, justified, and consistent syntax and language features. This is in contrast to JavaScript and PHP, which each, at least for a time, developed in a more ad-hoc manner, resulting in a more chaotic language that is more challenging for beginners. Most of all, it's scientific context and coding culture promotes good documentation, clean APIs, and rigorously enforced coding standards. While each languages has its strengths and weaknesses, it's clear to us -- and most -- that Python is the best first language, and the best next language to learn if you do not already use it.

Source: ZDnet for image, TIOBE index for text

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