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Python Cheat Sheet

April 18, 2018

I found my students learn the tough coding concepts best when they have physical cheat-sheets that summarize all the most important things to remember. As with all my cheatsheets, they are designed to fit perfectly with the Kickstart Coding class content, but they are also useful for web programmers in general.

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Kickstart Coding's  Python Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet contains key terms and syntax for learning Python, useful for both the novice programmer, or for programmers coming from Ruby on Rails, JavaScript / Node.JS, or C# or Java backgrounds. Print this up and keep it in front of you as you learn to code Python!
  • Common Python types, their methods and properties (list, dict, str, number, tuple, etc)
  • Branching and conditionals (if, else, else-if aka "elif" in Python)
  • Looping (for loops, while loops, for in range loops)
  • Loop interruption (break, continue)
  • Functions with positional parameters and keyword or named parameters and arguments
  • Syntax for return values
  • Key Python programming terminology

We'll be adding and updating this cheatsheet as the class evolves, so be sure to check back to this website for the most recent versions of it.

Why cheatsheets?

One of the things that makes learning at Kickstart Coding different is we value the importance of both digital and traditional learning methods. We have text-book reading assignments (don't worry, all readings are available freely digitally, also!), we have class handouts, and we even have weekly quizes.

Cheatsheets really help learning new languages

Personally I've found that cheatsheets really accelerate my learning of new programming languages and technologies. That's why we created using the power of the LaTeX typesetting system about a dozen high-quality cheat-sheets to aid in learning the material. In fact, we've found that just about all the really necessary stuff can be fit into just 1 cheatsheet per week. We've found this really accelerates learning.

Plus these high-quality cheatsheets can be used later as a reference, either during projects or on the job! I've even heard from students that they are useful during phone interviews... but that's up to you!

Cheatsheet content is under a CC NC-SA license.

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